Enlarge your customer base with our targeted mailing addresses of splunk users

As per the report of the survey conducted by idatalabs, there are around 8,000 companies that use Splunk. Out of entire cluster of Splunk, the users’ base has been segregated as follows: Computer Software (23%) and Information Technology and Services (12%) are the largest segments.



Now it’s up to the marketers to choose the relevant market to target, with an equally focused Splunk customers contact list.Thus at Email Data Group, we foster the benefits of segmentation marketing, we structure email lists of Splunk users which is niche, targeted and precise. Our lists of Splunk users thus allow marketers to communicate with the targeted audience.

Our list of Microsoft Azure users is built using our proprietary data intelligence platform that analyses online digital footprints for technologies to identify businesses using Microsoft Azure.

Make an utilization of our Email list as it forms a strong marketing tool for various marketing camapigns.

For More Information reach us at:

Website: http://www.emaildatagroup.net/

Call Us: (800) 710-4895

Email Us: info@emaildatagroup.net


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